For Questions not addressed, please email us at area4president@crventuring.org or nate.steele96@gmail.com.

1 – Can Venturers from outside Area 4 attend the Area 4 annual event?

A – Yes, please attend! ALL Venturers are welcome and encouraged to join us for the weekend. You will have a great time!

2 – Our council does not have a Venturing Officers Association and/or they are not organizing a contingent – can we still attend?

A ‐ Yes. Venturing Crews and Sea Scout Ships may register and attend.

3 – Can we bring guests younger than Venturing Age?

A ‐ No. This event is designed for young adults. The target audience is high school and college age youth, with emphasis toward the older (17 to 20 year old) Venturers. Please do not bring anyone who is not age 13 and in the 8th grade or older.

4 – Can a Boy Scout troop or venture patrol register and attend?

A – No (and maybe Yes). Boy Scouts may only attend as members, or guests of, their council VOA or a Venturing Crew or Sea Scout Ship. – Please email us, and we will help you find a solution because we want you to be able to “Go Venturing.” Remind your troop, “Every Troop Needs a Crew! “

5 – Nobody I know is going – may I attend by myself?

A ‐ No (and maybe Yes) – Please email us, we will try to help you 촦뻨ind a solution. We cannot accommodate youth members who are not accompanied by an adult advisor, but may be able to connect you with a crew that is attending.

6 – We are having trouble getting adult leaders, but our crew wants to attend?

A ‐ We can work with you to help overcome this problem by helping you connect with another crew, usually from your own council. Please email us ASAP

7 – We do not have camping gear or tents, but this event sounds like fun.

A ‐ WorldFest is for all Venturers, not just outdoors‐based crews. Seven Ranges Scout Reservation has lots of housing in their leadership village. We expect the majority of participants will stay there. Nevertheless, the space will be allocated first come, first served, so register early. Late registers may have to tent camp. Food is served in the dining hall, so no worries about cooking or other camp chores.

8 ‐ Registration Deadline ‐ Our Venturers have a hard time meeting deadlines. Why so early?

A ‐ In order to keep the event fee as low as possible we need to know how many are attending ‐ before ordering the patches and food (final deadline) and other supplies such as ammunition. You must register and pay in advance if you plan to attend! Please do not show up without advance registration.

9 – We have participants with special needs (fill in the blank) – can they attend?

A ‐ If you have special needs please email us at WorldFest@CRVenturing.org ASAP. Seven Ranges is accessible. We will do our best to accommodate them. A special needs form is online for notifying us and was sent to all contingent leaders.

10 – This seems like a fun event to introduce people to Venturing ‐ Can we bring guests – teens that we hope to recruit into our crew?

A – Yes, but read on. Please only bring people who will behave in a mature, responsible, manner, and who identify with the ideals of the Scouting movement and goals of this Area Venturing WorldFest. Please remember that, as a Contingent leader, Ship Skipper or Crew Advisor, you are accountable for the behavior of your crew during the event and adherence to BSA and Event rules. The WorldFest event MUST be a safe place for all participants. Be careful to bring recruits who you know and can be accountable for. Please email us if you need clarification or further discussion.

11 – May Girl Scouts or Girl Scout Troops (who are not dual‐registered as Ventures/Venturing Crews) attend the WorldFest?

A – As their own unit, No. However, we welcome their participation, as guests of their local VOA contingent, or a local Venturing Crew. Please contact us if you need help establishing contact with a local sponsor we would love to have you attend. Your Scouts will have a great time!!!

12 – Are all Venturers required to wear the spruce green uniform shirt?

A – No, but we strongly encourage the wearing of the spruce green uniform shirt for the flag raising and lowering ceremonies. At all other times it would be appropriate to wear the uniform of your crew.