Leadership Spark


Join Venturers from across Area 4 for the biggest training event of the season!

Spark 2019

We’ll see you next year, December 6th through the 8th, 2019!

Register here: https://registration.isaac-nicholas.com/

Spark 2019 will be held at Camp Lazarus in Simon Kenton Council
(4422 Columbus Pike, Delaware, OH 43015)


  1. Subslime Events: Want to learn how to make your events truly sublime? While making slime?! Then this training is perfect for you!
  2. Communication Sundae: Come to this training to make ice cream sundaes in a very unique way while chatting about communications skills
  3. Venturing Jenga: I’ll bet you’ve never heard someone use the words Jenga and Venturing in the same sentence before! Come learn what the connection is between Venturing Officers Associations and Jenga while playing a game of giant Jenga!
  4. Recruitment Roleplay: Come learn about how to grow your crew through examples and roleplay scenarios. We’ll have lots of fun and useful discussions about the best ways to get more people to join Venturing!
  5. Fundraising: You can’t have a Crew without adventurous activities, but how do you get the money to make those adventures happen? By fundraising, of course! Join us to learn about how to start up a fundraiser in your Crew so you can successfully raise the funds to carry out all of your Crew’s adventures- no matter how big or small!
  6. Mentoring: This is the standard Venturing Mentoring training, come learn about what a mentor is and the difference between mentoring and other leadership styles. This training is also necessary for the core Venturing awards!
  7. Van Gogh Virtues: Back by popular demand, Van Gogh Virtues! Impressionist, cubism, realism, socialism–no matter to us! Come on down and put your painting skills to test while also talking about hosting an ethical controversy, as well as participate in one yourself. No ear cutting involved!
  8. Awards Scavenger Hunt: Think you’re a master detective up who can match the Area VOAs craftiness when it comes to hiding things all around Lazarus? Come do some sleuthing to see if you can find all the awards!
  9. Stylized Communications: Come learn all about how to make your crew or council publications look great, whether it’s a website, newsletter, or even an event promotion flier we’ve got some tips and tricks for you!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out:

Andrew Steckner
Area 4 Venturing President

Steve Garner
Area 4 Venturing Chair