Leadership Spark

Join Venturers from across Area 4 for the biggest training event of the season!


Leadership Spark 2018 will be held December 14th – 16th at Camp Lazarus in Delaware, Ohio. With nine different sessions to choose from, presented by some of the most distinguished Venturers from around the country, you don’t want to miss this event!

Register Now!

Registration is now open! You can register at:



Registration Opens – 6:00 PM
Opening Program – 8:30 PM


Breakfast – 8:30 AM
Session 1 – 9:30 AM
Session 2 – 10:45 AM
Lunch – 12:00 PM
Session 3 – 1:15 PM
Afternoon Program – 2:30 PM
Dinner – 6:00 PM
Evening Program/Competition – 7:30 PM
Holiday Celebration – 9:00 PM


Breakfast – 7:30 AM
Check-out – by 9:00 AM

Training Sessions

Check the Central Region Area 4 Facebook group every week as we showcase each of these exciting training sessions.

  • Session 1
    • Administration: Confused, interested, wanting for knowledge? Swing by this session to learn all things administration. Great for all ages and positions!
    • Van Gogh Virtues: Impressionist, cubism, realism, socialism–no matter to us! Come on down and put your painting skills to test while also talking about hosting an ethical controversy, as well as participate in one yourself. No ear cutting involved!
    • RocketVenturer!: Mars ain’t the place to raise your kids, and neither is Lazarus! Thankfully, we will be learning how you can ~blast~ through the varying levels of advancement of Venturing. We will be discussing tips for advancing, as well as all the opportunities that come with it.
  • Session 2
    • Program: Confused, interested, wanting for knowledge? Swing by this session to learn all things program. Great for all ages and positions!
    • Dress for Success: Kim K or George Clooney are highlighted on snapchat daily, so why can’t we? Attend this session to learn how you can spread the good word of Venturing through acts and positive impact. We will learn how you can stop reading the news, and be the news in your local paper, news station, and all else!
    • Paintball Promotion: Pull the trigger on some new merchandise! Paint your own custom products in this action-packed session, as we show you how to design hats, shirts, fanny packs, and more awesome crew merchandise!
  • Session 3
    • Communications: Confused, interested, wanting for knowledge? Swing by this session to learn all things communications. Great for all ages and positions!
    • Cooking with a Catch: Oh No! You forgot an important part for your meal! How will you ever survive without it!?! Come to this session to learn how to be creative with cooking on a camp out!
    • Backyard Recruitment: We want YOU to join Venturing! Sign up for this session to participate in some exciting examples of how to recruit in your crew.

Important Forms

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BSA Medical Form


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out:

Max Chandler
Area 4 Venturing President

Nate Steele
Area 4 Venturing Chair
(740) 630-7116.